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Fire Risk Assessment


How will a Fire Risk Assessment Benefit My Business?


The risk of fire is an ever-present hazard in all premises and remains the major risk factor for property and you should understand the scale of the risk and the potential consequences of a fire in your premises.


The potential for all businesses not to survive after a fire is very high. Business continuity is also a large part of the fire risk assessment; this will ensure your future plans are also fire safety orientated to complete the task, not only for you but your workforce and their families as well.


The aim of our fire risk assessments is not merely to comply with all the requirements of the Fire Safety Order 2005; Fire Safety In Order Ltd services can deliver an effective and efficient cost benefit whilst encouraging continuous improvements in the management of fire safety throughout the organisation.

Risk Assessment Services for your Business.


• Offices and Factories

• Hotels and Holiday Accommodation

• Schools and Colleges

• Heritage and Listed Buildings

• Marine Vessels and associated port buildings

• All Workplaces


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