Marine Vessels & Port Buildings

In my time traveling the world on ocean going oil tankers of all sizes it was always our biggest fear, a fire on a ship. When in port then assistance is close but on the ocean thousands of miles from land you are the only persons to save the ship/vessel. Fire safety on the water is so important and a few simple measures is all that is required to travel safely and comfortably.

Ocean going cruise ships have very definitive procedures and drills and they should always be taken seriously. However the small pleasure craft it is down to one or two maybe more persons who may or may not be able to deal with a fire situation. Many small craft have been destroyed because of simple mistakes by the owners, and to follow simple guidelines will not only save the craft but will definitely assist you to a safer outcome.

Fire safety should always be taken with the utmost seriousness whilst afloat as you cannot always summon assistance. The marinas and port buildings are different to most as in the above sections but the basic rules apply, risk assessment and simple training for the use of something different to bricks and mortar living.